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Media Literacy and the Obesity Crisis

While widespread inclusion of food literacy may take some time, but it could save lots of money down the road in healthcare costs once today’s youth become adults.

Fake News and Honest Mistakes are entirely different things

Mistakes happen by people with the best and purest intentions, and as the news-consuming public, it’s hard for us to forgive and move on when we feel deceived or mislead.

Finding the truth after a Disaster

As such, in the aftermath of a national disaster or tragedy, tread cautiously, and report any errors you spot so that the programs do better next time around.

Back to School Media Literacy

Here’s some ways you can equip your child for the upcoming school year emotionally and mentally.

Brecke Latham Boyd Teens & Media Literacy

Teens & Media Literacy

Among those most vulnerable to falling for the fake news epidemic are young people in middle school and high school who don’t have the real-world experience yet to discern factual reporting from sensationalized nonsense.

Brecke Latham Boyd Google Cracking Down

Google Cracking Down on Fake News

Regardless of the tactics that are employed, it is imperative that they put an end to the perpetuation of fake news once and for all.

The Modern State of Fake News

Widespread reporting by credible news outlets in the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. presidential election unearthed the existence of fabricated online news stories that intentionally falsify and mischaracterize factual information for the purpose of manipulating readers. Coined as fake news, inaccurate information is packaged and branded online to appear as credible news stories, is spread […]


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